Every month, your company's employees will receive a Gold allowance set by the admin(s) of the company. Allowances refresh every month (i.e. if you don't use it you lose it - no rollover for unused Gold).

With that allowance, employees can then give Gold (i.e. recognition) to their peers, direct reports, and managers to recognize their contributions in real time. All transactions of giving and receiving are captured on your company's public feed.

After an employee has earned enough Gold they can redeem in our extensive digital reward catalog. Gold can be redeemed at the exchange rate set by the company admin (Ex. If the exchange rate is 10:1 and an employee has earned 200 Gold, they can redeem them for $20).

The catalog is full of rewards options from top brands and is also completely customizable. You can add custom rewards like extra paid time off, company-­branded gear, external activities, team lunch, and more.

With automated recognition and rewards administration in one intuitive platform, your employees can redeem rewards instantly, minimizing the administration time needed to turn recognition into a tangible perks set not to mention, speed it up.  

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